½ inch (1/2") nine-track magnetic reel-to-reel backup recovery and tape restore

½" (1/2 inch) magnetic 9-track reel tape:

The ½" reel-to-reel 9 track magnetic tape storage format, introduced in 1964 by IBM, was an evolution of their earlier 7-track half-inch tape. The drives wrote 9 tracks in parallel, one for each bit in an 8-bit byte, and one for parity. Originally, drives read and wrote at 800 bpi (bits per inch), but later generations sported densities of 1600, 3200 and 6250 bpi. The tapes themselves came in lengths of 800, 2400, and finally 3600 feet, yielding a maximum capacity of 260MB at 6250 bpi.

We recover ½ inch (1/2") nine-track magnetic reel tapes and restore 9-track back-up data

Whether your ½ inch (1/2") nine-track magnetic reel-to-reel backup tapes are in TAR, CPIO, VMS Backup, VMS COPY, SAVLIB, SAVOBJ, EBCDIC, ASCII, IBM or ANSI labelled or some other format, we can recover your data. We have ½" (1/2 inch) magnetic 9-track reel tape drives and servers running 24/7 with highly trained, motivated staff to oversee mag tape conversion operations.

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