3480 & 3490 data transfer and tape conversion

3480 & 3490 tape cartridge:

The 3480 tape format was an 18-track magnetic tape data storage format originally developed by IBM in 1984, and was (for the era) distinguished by its high transfer rate and large capacity. The tape medium itself is one half inch wide, and packaged in a 4"x5"x1" plastic cartridge. This cartridge contains a single reel; there is a takeup reel inside the tape drive. The data is written in 18 parallel tracks and a single tape cartridge can store 200Mb.

in 1986, IBM added a hardware-based data compression option, IDRC (Improved Data Recording Capability). Depending on the compressibility of the data, this typically doubled 3480 tape cartridge capacity from 200 to 400Mb. 3480 tapes with IDRC were called 3490.

The next stage of development of the 3480 family came with the 36-track 3490E.

We convert 3480 & 3490 tapes and transfer 3480 & 3490 back-up data to virtually any other media

Whether your 3480 & 3490 tape cartridges are in NTBACKUP, BackupExec, Arcserve, Netbackup, TAR, CPIO, VMS Backup, or some other format, we can transfer your data. We have 3480 & 3490 tape drives and servers running 24/7 with highly trained, motivated staff to oversee data conversion operations.

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