data transfer, disk and tape conversion

When you need data transfer from one back-up medium to another, we can convert virtually any computer backup disc, tape or cartridge, including jaz disks, zip discs, half inch 9 track reels, 4mm DAT / DDS, 3480, 3490E, 3570, 3590, AIT, 8mm Exabyte, LTO, DLT, SDLT, SLR, TK50, TK70, & VXA.

Whether your data is in NTBACKUP, Backup Exec, Arcserve, Netbackup, TAR, CPIO, VMS Backup, Legato Networker, BRU, SAVLIB or some other format, we have banks of tape drives and servers running 24/7 with highly trained, motivated staff to oversee back-up data conversion and transfer operations.

Some of our most common backup tape and disk conversion requests:

tape images

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