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DLT1 / VS80 tape backup migration

DLT1 / VS80:

The DLT1 magnetic tape data storage format was released in 1999 as a 'value' version of the DLT8000 drive developed by Quantum. It shares the same DLTIV / DLT4 media (half inch wide tape packaged in a plastic cartridge containing a single reel), but the two drive families are read and write incompatible. The VS-80 was a half-height version of the DLT1 drive, released in 2001.

Native (uncompressed) capacity is 40GB.

We migrate DLT1 / VS80 tape cartridge data to virtually any other media

Every migrated DLT1 / VS80 tape cartridge is verified to ensure every migration is an exact copy. And we're fast. We have DLT1 / VS80 tape drives and servers running 24/7 with highly trained, motivated staff to oversee operations.

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