DLTIV / DLT4 DLT4000, DLT 7000 & DLT8000 tape backup migration


The DLTIV / DLT4 magnetic tape data storage format was introduced in 1994 with manufacturer Quantum's release of the DLT4000 tape cartridge drive. It was the final evolution of the DLT (Digital Linear Format) tape family, which are half inch wide tape packaged in a plastic cartridge containing a single reel.

Native (uncompressed) capacity is 20GB, but this increased to 35GB and 40GB with the introduction of later generation DLT7000 and DLT8000 drives. DLT4 tapes were also used in DLT1 / VS80 drives.

We migrate DLT1 / VS80 tape cartridge data to virtually any other media

Every migrated DLTIV / DLT4 DLT4000, DLT 7000 & DLT8000 tape cartridge is verified to ensure every migration is an exact copy. And we're fast. We have DLT4000, DLT 7000 & DLT8000 tape drives and servers running 24/7 with highly trained, motivated staff to oversee operations.

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