TZ30/TK50 and TK70 migration

TZ30/TK50 and TK70:

The TK50 backup tape data storage format was introduced in 1984 by DEC. It featured a half inch (1/2") wide tape packaged in a "CompacTape" plastic cartridge containing a single reel. The drive wrote 22 sepentine tracks, delivering a capacity of 94MB. This was increased to 294 MB with the introduction of the TK70 in 1987, which wrote 48 tracks to an upgraded CompacTape II tape cartridge

We migrate TZ30/TK50 and TK70 tapes

Whether your TZ30/TK50 and TK70 tape cartridges are in VAX/VMS Backup, OpenVMS BACKUP, VAX COPY, BRU, or some other format, we can migrate your data. We have TZ30/TK50 and TK70 tape drives and servers running 24/7 with highly trained, motivated staff to oversee backup migrating operations.

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