Floppy disc file recovery and backup restore services

Floppy disks:

Invented by IBM in the late sixties, floppy discs were flexible magnetic discs sandwiched in a thin cardboard or plastic sleeve that dominated removable storage until the late nineties. Floppy discs were nominally 8" in diameter until the late seventies, when the 5¼" floppy disk was introduced, and in 1987 the 3½" disc made its appearance. There were floppy discs of various other sizes, but with the notable exception of the 3" Amstrad PCW, none gained widespread acceptance.

Despite the few physical sizes of disc, there were literally thousands of different formats - ranging from 8" IBM's SYS36 and DEC PDP-11 discs to 5¼" BBC Micro, IBM-compatible DOS and hundreds of CP/M, to 3½" Apple Mac to 3" Amstrad PCW. We can read and convert virtually all of them.

We recover 8", 5¼", 3½", and 3" discs and restore floppy disk file data to modern formats

Whether your floppy discs are from a VAX, Amstrad PCW, Apple Macintosh, BBC Micro, IBM Mainframe, PDP11, or some other obscure dinosaur, we can recover your disk data.

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