Magneto-optical disk recovery and backup restore services

Magneto-optical disc:

Introduced in 1986, the first magneto-optical discs were 190mm (5.25 inch) in diameter. Original capacity was 650MB (325Mb per side), and this was extended over the years to 1.3GB, 2.6GB, 5.2GB and finally 9.1GB.

130mm (3.5") disks had capacities ranging from 128MB to 2.3GB.

Because MO discs are mounted (by most) operating systems as hard disks, they can be in virtually any disk format - eg, VMS Files-11, UNIX UFS, Linux EXT3, Windows NTFS, Apple HFS. Additionally, some operating systems (like MS-DOS) offered no native M/O support, and various third-party backup packages (like Corel) wrote to the discs in their own proprietary formats. We have reverse-engineered and cracked most of these, but every once in a while a new one will land on our desks.

Although popular with corporates, magneto optical technology never really penetrated the consumer market.

We recover Magneto-optical discs and restore Magneto-optical back-up data

Whether your Magneto-optical discs are formatted as UNIX, VMS Files-11, Apple Mac, MSDOS, or some other file system, we can recover your data. We have Magneto-optical servers and tape drives running 24/7 with highly trained, motivated staff to oversee Magneto-optical conversion operations.

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